10+ Types of Effective Drug Treatment Options for Addiction

People who are battling with drug and alcohol problems have a number of options when it comes to drug treatment. From the early days of intervention and detox through to the later stages of behavioral therapy and aftercare, it’s always important to find a comprehensive treatment program that tackles all aspect of addiction. Common treatment[…]

The Danger of Wrong Diagnoses in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual-diagnosis: diagnosing someone with both a substance abuse problem and a mental or emotional condition at the same time. It is a growing topic of discussion in the field of addiction treatment. Alcoholics or drug addicts are treated for both their addiction and their other problems concurrently. However, many of those treated for dual-diagnosis may[…]

8 Substance Abuse Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

8 Substance Abuse Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

While most of us are familiar with substance abuse, either on a personal level or from things we see in the media, there are a number of facts that aren’t widely known. Here are 8 substance abuse facts that will blow your mind. 1. Before successfully completing drug or alcohol addiction treatment, most people are[…]