10 Substance Abuse Facts You Need To Know Now

When you are aware of substance abuse facts, there is so much more that you can do to help the problem. Substance abuse is a deceptive, dangerous and relentless killer – this is not an exaggeration. The abuse of alcohol, prescription drugs or any other substance leads to one of three places, as taught in the rooms of A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous): death, institutions, or jail. There are literally countless resources to get help, to escape the abuse that takes so many lives, and hurts so many people each and every day. Here are 10 things that you must know:

10 Substance Abuse Facts You Need To Know Now

1. Time is of the essence because if you are the one suffering or a family member or friend of someone who has a substance abuse problem, the longer you wait the deeper and more treacherous the situation becomes…

2. Know that help is available. There are many addiction resources to assist in escaping the grips of substance abuse. Among such resources are substance abuse programs like AA and NA among others. There are specially designed substance abuse treatment facilities that feature both inpatient and outpatient options.

3. Seek some type of treatment to address the substance abuse. Often help will be more readily available in a large metropolis like Los Angeles, but the good news is that programs like the substance abuse treatment programs found in cities like Los Angeles can be found virtually everywhere from cities to suburbs and even in small towns all over America.

4. Understanding the primary difference between substance abuse vs. addiction, knowing what you are facing makes it easier to get the right and most effective help. The difference lies in the control one has over their own lives. While addiction is most often classified at this point as a disease and causes one to actually lose control over their lives, impacting relationships, employment and almost every other area of their lives, abuse implies that control is still being maintained. This is a slippery slope, as abuse can find itself steeped in addiction if untreated.

5. Recognizing substance abuse symptoms are essential. Such things as drinking to the point of a blackout or being arrested for DUI can be indicators of a problem, and such tools as substance abuse worksheets can be helpful in substance abuse evaluation. Education is necessary and will enable not only the user but those around them to be better equipped to face the road ahead.

6. Education means knowing substance abuse facts, what it looks like, what it is and what to do about it among other important pieces needed to make sense of this puzzle.

7. Once it is discovered or recognized, attacking the problem on several fronts can be most effective, such as locating the right substance abuse counselor or substance abuse rehab center that might do better to combine different avenues of treatment, such as counseling and substance abuse group therapy.

8. Substance abuse recovery is possible and the substance abuse behaviors can be changed or corrected. The life of the abuser doesn’t have to suffer one day longer, it is vital to proclaim this because without hope there is no way out.

9. Additionally, it is important to know that substance abuse and mental health are often closely linked. If someone has a substance abuse disorder, then healing that individual will do more than correct the abusive behaviors, but will also put them on the path to a better and healthier mental state as well. Substance abuse mental health is the action of healing the whole person, and helping to ensure that a relapse won’t occur.

10. The last thing to know is that this road can be expected to be long and hard. Don’t be discouraged, because at the end of the road is that better, healthier and happier life that we all hope and pray for, and with hard work, support and guidance it can and will be done.

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