5 Signs That You Need Inpatient Vs Outpatient Rehab

Those who are considering inpatient vs outpatient rehab may not be convinced that inpatient drug rehab or inpatient alcohol rehab is the right choice for them. Inpatient vs outpatient rehab is a common debate and the following signs will let you know if it is something that you need to consider.

5 Signs That You Need Inpatient Vs Outpatient Rehab

Loss of Control: Inpatient or Outpatient Drug Rehab

When you can no longer control your usage of drugs or alcohol, there are various inpatient drug programs in your state that are here to help you. If you are the type to tell yourself things like “just one more drink and I’ll stop” or “I can quit anytime I want!”, this is a telltale sign that you need to take a moment to consider the inpatient vs outpatient rehab question more seriously.

Lack of Motivation: Inpatient Drug Rehab

Deciding between inpatient vs outpatient rehab is all about the patient’s level of motivation. Since these programs are offered on a voluntary basis, an inpatient facility that provides inpatient group therapy and inpatient group psychotherapy can serve as added motivation to remain on the premises. For those who are able to maintain their normal daily schedule during their rehab, outpatient rehab may be the better choice.

Lack of Safety: Inpatient Drug Rehab

The inpatient length of stay is designed to protect the patient from outside factors that may interfere with their recovery. Inpatient rehab in Los Angeles and inpatient services are offered to those who do not have access to a drug-free environment, regular meals or reliable transportation. Outpatient rehab, on the other hand, is a useful tool for patients who have a safe, drug-free environment to coalesce in and are willing to transport themselves to and from their appointments.

5 Signs That You Need Inpatient Vs Outpatient Rehab

Untreated Mental Illnesses: Inpatient Drug Treatment

In many instances, addiction is caused by an underlying mental illness and these illnesses can also serve to exacerbate an existing condition. Inpatient rehab and inpatient services focus on treating these illnesses and providing patients with a brand new lease on life and a sustainable approach to their own sobriety. While those who struggle with mental illness can also thrive during an outpatient rehab program, they will typically do much better in an inpatient treatment facility and benefit from the help of inpatient treatment centers.

Deteriorating Physical Health: Inpatient Drug Treatment

This is the most crucial factor when it comes to the inpatient vs outpatient rehab debate. A patient who is struggling with a decline in their physical health would do well to check into an inpatient treatment center so that they can receive the proper treatment for their issues. If you are ailing physically, an extended stay in an inpatient facility is highly recommended. Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab provides a safe environment for the patient to heal and get better.

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