When Mental Health And Addiction Coexist; Stop The Cycle

When mental health and addiction coexist, where and who can you, or your loved ones, turn to? They are two fighting words that have caused millions of people to lose control of their lives without even knowing it. Yet, with the right, qualified mental health professional referred to you or for those who may be struggling with the mental health and addiction, help is available.

Mental health and addiction is not discriminating against anyone. When you or someone you know begin to feel helpless and have the overwhelming sense of uncontrolled behaviors due to mental illness or addiction, it can have a toll on family members, friends, and especially the one who is struggling.

When Mental Health And Addiction Coexist; Stop The Cycle

The Trap of Mental Health and Addiction

A majority of the time, that person may not even notice he/she has fallen into a trap of addiction until it’s too late. They’ve now alienated themselves from society, from tasks as simple as getting out of the house or apartment, not having an appetite or even having too much of an appetite. There are over a dozen symptoms that can be blamed on addiction coupled with having a mental health issue. Mental Health and Addiction can hit anyone at any time. Every element in life can simply get out of control. Financial instability and being isolated from a social life including a loss of a job or a job feels unmanageable to go to begin to weigh in on the person with a mental health and addiction.

One example that can illustrate there is a problem with addiction:

Coupled with the mental illnesses that come along with it is the one goal in life when waking up… getting that next fix, or high; this is when you or your loved one who is struggling is not living any longer the life they should. This is the time to seek help. But, where is there help? Although, entering a mental health residential treatment can help those that are having trouble with daily tasks, even being able to socialize and interact with friends and family will be altered. So, stop the cycle!

Back to Reality…To Life for Those Who Struggle with Recovery

Mental health and addiction are two primary reasons why millions of people have either struggled with a loss of a loved one, by death, by going to prison, by becoming alienated and so on…but the cycle can be stopped!

The mental rehabilitation community has taken this seriously. Plus, there is a benefit to recovering. You, or your loved one whom may be struggling with both elements, can be the person they are meant to be.

The benefits of recovery include a renewed and a wise search for life. The ambition of having dreams become reality is closer now. Stopping a cycle of mental health and addiction can lead to this. Millions of people have successfully been treated with the right medication, therapy, and programs delivered to those who need it. It all starts with a phone call to the recoveryas.com addiction specialists.

When Mental Health And Addiction Coexist; Stop The Cycle

What will Happen Once Entering a Program?

Mental health diagnosis along with a mental health exam will be taken at the mental health facilities that patients go to. It is here that mental health groups are successful at because of the interaction with others going through the same issues.

After the mental health evaluation is taken, a program will be designed specifically for you or your loved one who is struggling. The program will be based on the mental health exam and evaluation and mental health doctor will be referred.

Mental health inpatient treatment centers can be found across the country. But, putting your trust in the center and its resources is solely up to you and your family.

Mental health in Los Angeles is a serious subject matter because of the film industry, for instance. There are several encounters when celebrities and their family members may need assistance with the changes and sacrifices that come with the road to stardom. Mental health medications are needed along with therapy are normally utilized in such cases. A successful treatment plan can be worked into the scheduling of such patients too.

Mental health organizations across the country have charities, boosters, donation drives,…etc. to help those in need with substance abuse treatment patients get their lives back on track. However, our mental health therapist can provide you and your family with the most updated, professional resources in mental health; Van Nuys, for instance, is an area we can, and have, helped along the way.

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