8 Substance Abuse Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

While most of us are familiar with substance abuse, either on a personal level or from things we see in the media, there are a number of facts that aren’t widely known. Here are 8 substance abuse facts that will blow your mind.

8 Substance Abuse Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Before successfully completing drug or alcohol addiction treatment, most people are in some sort of substance abuse rehab no less than 4 times. The first time most addicts or abusers enter rehab is typically forced, and in order to overcome the addiction that is connected, the person seeking treatment must desire a change, otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective.

2. When speaking with an addiction counselor, people seeking treatment are shown to be more honest about their addictions than they will be with a family member or even a member of the clergy that they are comfortable with. Even in group therapy, people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol are able to open up more and share more of the truth than they are with people closest to them. Along these lines, an evaluation is more likely to be accurate if a family member is NOT present for the interview.

3. There are more substance abuse programs in Los Angeles (per capita) than any other metropolitan area in the world. Los Angeles is home to more substance recovery facilities than any other city, hands down.

4. There are more people considered to be in the “upper class” seeking alcohol or drug treatment in Los Angeles, and southern California than anyplace else in the United States. Substance abuse behaviors cover the spectrum of social class and income, no one group or category is immune.

5. Family members often recognize addictive behaviors without realizing what they are. When a friend, colleague or family member recognizes addiction symptoms in someone they care about, it is important to analyze these behaviors and to possibly contact treatment facility for an informal consultation or evaluation before the situation gets completely out of hand.

6. Substance abuse and mental health are closely intertwined. Many people who suffer from mental health disorders will often try to self-medicate, leading to substance abuse issues that are further compounded by their mental health.

7. Substance abuse vs. addiction: Some regularly abused substances are truly physically addicting, meaning the body becomes dependent on the substance being abused more than the abuser becomes dependent on the feeling of “getting high.” For these victims of substance use disorder, the option to simply quit using doesn’t exist.

8. Addiction is NOT permanent. With proper treatment and counseling, any addiction can be addressed and the formerly addicted can go on to lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

If you or someone you know needs help with a substance abuse issue, whether a physical or a psychological addiction (or a combination of both), contact the treatment specialists at recoveryas.com today, to begin the steps towards ending the cycle of substance abuse.

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